Our specialist team recruits roles in software engineering, infrastructure, architecture and security. We'll place anyone from a Software Engineer to a Head of Department, and build whole teams at a time.

We understand the languages and frameworks which define your CV.

We keep pace with new technology – be it tools, frameworks or languages – and we immerse ourselves in the disciplines we’re recruiting into. That way we can go deeper when we hire.

We can recruit individuals, we can recruit entire teams that work as one.

We excel at starting from scratch – helping start-ups to start their tech teams, and helping industry leaders launch new ones. But if it’s just one person you need, we’ll find you the missing piece.

We take a considered approach to hiring. (And we follow up...)

We use our expertise to find true matches between candidates and companies. And the work doesn’t stop when the job is filled; we keep in touch to ensure both parties are happy down the line.

Technology specialists 3 people

Mitch Hooper

Managing Consultant

“It’s very rare that you come across such a standout and genuine recruiter. Mitch not only has strong communication and interpersonal skills but he also understands the tech – which, in itself, is a very rare feat. I was particularly impressed by his timely responses, considering we were in totally different time zones. On top of all that, he is great fun to work with.” – Jehanzeb Khan,Head of Engineering at First Circle

Mitch has been in the Tech team at Zebra for five years, where his attention to detail, charismatic personality and top notch grasp of technology help him find skilled Software, Security and DevOps Engineers for the likes of Vault, MadeTech, Condé Nast and Osa. Mitch is a keen mentor, and dedicates much of his own time to supporting the career growth of others.

Jake Tindell


“Jake has been super helpful throughout my contracts with Zebra People. Any issues I had regarding pay, start date or anything relating to my contract he would sort out in less than 24 hours, if he didn’t know the answer to my query he would go out of his way to find the answer for me.” – George Schena, MOJ

London born Tech Recruiter Jake cut his teeth in User Research while at University, and now uses his hands on experience to help recruit within Tech – finding roles for software engineers, developers and DevOps/cloud engineers in the public and private sector, from start-ups to large businesses. His straightforward and kind approach makes him popular with candidates and clients alike.

Will Bendall


“Will helped me through each step of the recruitment process at Zebra People in a transparent, communicative and responsive manner! It’s always daunting to navigate the recruitment process, but Will helped every step of the way, gave actionable feedback and was extremely approachable.” – Senior iOS developer

Will is a diligent and tenacious recruiter – doing a software development course in his own time to really deepen his understanding of his field. With a particular specialism in Software Engineering, DevOps and Data Engineering, Will’s a keen attendee at tech events such as AWS summit, London Dev Ops, London Bitcoin Meet up – where he expands his network and swots up on his subject.


What sectors within Tech do you cover?

We cover Software, DevOps, Cloud & Data Engineering and Architecture.
We cover jobs in the public sector, private sector and work with Start-ups, Scale-ups as well as established businesses and real household name companies like John Lewis.

Which locations do you cover?

We find positions all over the UK, primarily focusing in London but also many other UK cities. We also work internationally with clients in Europe and east coast America. We’ve even recruited into the Philippines.

Do you offer remote working tech roles?

This depends on the client. Following the Covid pandemic, we saw the market adapt to a remote-first policy, but with everything more open, we’ve seen a push for the market to bring people back into work on a hybrid basis. Now only around 5% of the companies we work with ask people to be in every day, and they’ll often struggle to fill their roles as a result. A lot of companies are saying they need staff in the office once a week (or similar) but with the option to do more.

Am I handicapped by a 2 or 3 month notice?

No. Companies look for the best talent, and – 99% of the time – are happy to wait for it.

What tech roles do Zebra People cover?

Primarily software engineering roles of any language. However, we’ve also got a strong record in DevOps/infrastructure, data engineering, architecture and security.

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