Growing a dynamic digital team

We were the first recruitment company in Europe to serve the digital space, and we’re still the most trusted. We work fast, but with precision: balancing personalities and cultural profiles with technical skills and potential.

Quality of hire; speed of process.

Our highly specialised teams get us to good people, fast. We recruit with a laser sharp focus – so the process at your end is streamlined, and you only meet the very best candidates.

Deep specialists.

We immerse ourselves in the disciplines we recruit for, and often attend industry events to get a deep understanding of candidate skill-sets. Our teams keep pace with rapid industry change, and the language of each role, so we can ask all the right questions.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

All of our consultants are DE&I trained too. We’ve seen the power of diverse workforces in practise: multiple perspectives create innovative teams that speak to a much broader audience.

How we’ll work together





Zebra People in brief

  • Zebra People’s ratio for CV to interview is 2:1
  • Zebra People’s ratio for interview to placement is 3:1
  • Competency based interviews with candidates
  • Retention rate of 96% candidates still in the job in 1st year and 89% in 2nd year
  • We organise, evolve and sponsor events such as UX Crunch UX Labs, Ladies that UX
  • 30% of all our placements are from direct referrals
  • We have a database of over 60,000 qualified candidates built up over 20 years

“Working with Zebra People was painless, and delivered us an excellent result. We ended up hiring someone who has been one of our best hires to date: very strong technically and an immediate fit culturally. I’d recommend Zebra People to anyone.”

Client: Tony Ennis, First Circle

“I felt immediately in good hands, because they understood my needs well and communicated with me openly and regularly. I highly recommend Zebra People for individuals trying to find a new role and organisations looking to scale their teams.”

Candidate: Gianni J. Favaretto

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