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In each episode of the Zebra People Podcast we will be joined by leaders across Design, Product and Technology to unlock the secrets behind building high performing product and design functions.
If there's a guest you feel we should feature, you'd like to come on the show yourself or have a topic you'd like to hear more on, we'd love to hear from you. Email hello@zebrapeople.com.

Episode 06

Demonstrating the value & impact of design within businesses

Nick Grantham speaks to industry leaders, Zoe Kelleher and Noelle Smith about the importance (and ways) of demonstrating the value of design & research to stakeholders. This includes understanding stakeholders’ interpretation of value whilst ensuring budget towards innovation and optimisation are spent in the right places, for both the user and the business.

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Episode 05

Journey of a contractor through to consultancy owner

Nick Grantham speaks to Afreen Saulat and Jaffar Khorshidi about their career journeys within UX, navigating their paths from serial contractor through to setting up their own consultancies. This includes the why, the how and the learns, but also what now makes their approach to work different to how they did it before.

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Episode 04

Empowering women in UX research: Balancing career growth & personal well-being

Grace Kisnorbo speaks to Katrina Dargel and Neha Ahlawat about UX research, career growth and empowering women. This episode has some great tips on self-care and self-advocacy, whether you work in UX research or not!

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Episode 03

A decade of change within UX – featuring Nick Fine, Natalie Moser and Tom Scott

Nick Grantham brings together three other leaders within the field of UX and UX-recruitment to discuss their views on some of the highs, lows and what’s to come. There’s also various tips and strategies to consider when developing your UX profile or hiring.

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Episode 02

Building a team full of Jacks with Nic Marucci

We sit down with Nic Marucci to take a deeper dive on his approach to building teams. Specifically, a team made up of more generalist skill sets, or 'Jack of all trades', vs. specialists.

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Episode 01

Scaling a Brand Experience team in a fast-growing FinTech

We sit down with Rory Woods, VP of Design and Brand Experience at PrimaryBid to discuss how he scaled his team from 0 to 18.

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