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Episode 03: A decade of change within UX – featuring Nick Fine, Natalie Moser and Tom Scott

In this episode, Nick Grantham has brought together a very experienced panel he’s worked extensively with over the past decade or so, and who’ve all worked together in some form or another previously. Nick Fine and Natalie Moser discuss their views as practitioners and leaders within the field. Whilst Nick Grantham and Tom Scott provide their observations as recognised, specialist UX recruiters.

Topics include the rise and fall within UX as well as more positive progression and further potential changes to come, for better or worse. Also, how shifts within the C-level affect further organisational change within UX and Design.

They discuss key attributes they look for in UX practitioners when hiring and how portfolios aren’t just about showing processes. There are also some tips on how to improve hiring processes and generally levelling up as a UX practitioner.

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