Sourcing talented engineers to build out 3D mapping software


The Brief

FATMAP were looking to hire Android Developers, iOS Developers and C++ Developers across it’s engineering team. Their application allows people to access maps while trecking/skiing/biking, so the team are also quite an outgoing bunch.

There were several challenges here. When it came to the mobile roles, FATMAP were migrating from a React Native application, as well as building the capability into their mapping software to use it smoothly offline. They’d struggled to find people with these skills.

They were in a similar predicament with the C++ roles. They needed talented developers to come in and take the application to the next level, working in an agile manner at speed.


The Approach

FATMAP are a start-up, which we all know comes with a completely different way of working to more established companies. As such we focussed our search on candidates who had a history in this environment. Candidates who were happy to build things, before looping round and having to head in a completely different direction. We delved deeply into the kind of things they’d built as well – for example, were the products they’d recently built as scalable or intricate as FATMAP’s product?

Culture is also very important to FATMAP, so we really delved into the candidate’s backgrounds here. Did they have a passion for the application?


The Result

Over a six-week period, Zebra People successfully placed two people into the Mobile team, as well as another two into the 3D Engine team. All of the candidates are extremely happy they’ve made the move, as are FATMAP with how they’ve fit in, both technically and culturally.

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