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How to run a UX workshop

A practical guide

You might have heard about the power of UX workshops with stakeholders.

If you’re wondering how to run your first one, then this class is your starting point. It’ll give you some basic ideas about working in a more collaborative way in your projects.

Running a UX workshop for the first time might be daunting, but with a carefully planned agenda, the right attendees and strong facilitation, the outcomes will add great value to your project.

It’s an effective way to break down silos, improve team communication and spark new ways of thinking because of its collaborative nature.

At the end of this interactive class, you’ll feel more confident to engage with stakeholders and wider teams. You’ll certainly have enough knowledge and resources to help you run your first UX workshop.


This interactive class will take you through different stages of the planning and execution process with exercises to put the theory into practice.

The content is based on real-life successes and failures.

Hosted by Hua Zhang

Hua is a Senior Designer and Researcher who loves sharing her knowledge with others.
She’s worked in the government, design agencies and startups. After running many successful (and less successful) workshops, she’ll summarise her learnings in this class.

Hua believes that designers might not always know the right answers when dealing with complexity. Often the biggest contribution from the designer is to ask the right questions, facilitate communications, bring different teams together and encourage the best ideas to come forward. She considers workshops a very powerful method in achieving these.

Hua was a long-term trainer at Webcredible Academy teaching 3 different UX design and research courses. She also ran a workshop at the Service Design in Government Conference.

What you'll learn

  • What is the value of a UX workshop?
  • An overview of different workshop activities
  • How to plan and prepare
  • Important next steps after the workshop
  • Facilitation techniques

Who should attend

  • The content is suitable for UX designers, product managers and researchers who want to begin their journey in running UX and stakeholder workshops.
  • It’s also great for anyone who is looking to explore collaborative ways of working for their organisation.

Why choose Zebra Labs

  • Learn from leading experienced practitioners
  • Network with peers in the industry
  • Practice and play: explore technologies/
    skills outside of the workplace