22 Apr 20, By Zebra People

Why you should treat your recruiter like an interviewer

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With everything that’s going on at the moment in the world, many of you may be thinking about looking for a new role for security in these uncertain times.

That thought will probably run through your mind at some point soon. Maybe you’ll act on it, maybe you won’t.

If you do, first thing you might do is post your CV online. At this point you should probably hire a PA to manage all the calls you’ll be getting. After that though, have a think about sticking to using a recruiter over doing the search yourself.

Unless you have a long-term relationship with a recruiter filled with free coffees and lunches, you’ll probably have your first experience with one of us. Hopefully most of you will take steps to find the right one.

You can find hundreds of jobs online so why use a recruiter in the first place?

1. Knowing the industry

Recruiters who work for an agency are well informed about the roles they cover, we tend to know the right questions to ask when chatting to you over the phone to get a good grasp on your experience and the kind of roles that will interest and suit you best.Si

nce we are well-versed in our knowledge of the industry, we can give opinions on salary ranges and how the market may be looking for your specific roles.

Alongside this, when you tend to search for your own job title, many variations of this come up. Recruiters cut out this hassle as we work on specific roles that we know you would be a good fit for.

2. Getting to know our clients

As you may have guessed, we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and building up a good relationship with them. This gives us a chance to really chat to them about you as a potential candidate and go through those relevant bits of information that may not be on your CV.
Knowing our clients also means we can give you a realistic idea of a day in the life at the company. Company culture is essential in having a happy working life and so we do our best to meet all our clients and take a look at their office to really get a feel for how the work.

3. We look at a lot of CVs

Working in recruitment obviously means you take a look at a ton of CVs, some better than others. Because of this, we can give you quality advice on some tweaks to make your CV stand out that extra mile.
We are industry specialists so we know lots about what each of our clients look for. This means, we can give you general or role specific advice on your CV to give you that extra boost when trying to get an interview.

Getting that interview

Alongside all the above, if you’re out of interview practise, we can set up some mock interviews to get you back in the swing of things. We also carry out interview preparation to give you all the information we can to get you ready for your interview.
We also do the leg work when it comes to setting up interviews, coordinating everyone’s time to get the best slot that works for both parties.
After a great interview, when it comes to the negotiation stage of an offer, we can be there to support you or help by having this chat with the client for you.


There are of course many more reasons and admittedly it can depend on the recruiter you use. Let’s face it, there’s some good, some bad, as with all things. But once you find a few who know what they’re doing, be sure to remind yourself of the above.

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