14 Apr 20, By Zebra People

Nine ways to recruit for scale-ups

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You’ve got to move fast when you’re entrepreneurial.

Last week one of our clients messaged with a need for a Frontend Developer to join ASAP.

We were up for the challenge. By drilling down on their requirements and then using our database and network we identified five candidates. Within 1 week they had interviewed, tested and interviewed again and the offer was made as soon as the final stage finished.

If only the candidate hadn’t had to serve their month’s notice…

When your company is growing rapidly, expanding your team is going to be your biggest challenge, so here are nine of our best tips:

1. Use contractors

When you need to hire fast you can often impact the quality, so scale-up using contractors and then switch to permanent staff once the team is delivering.

2. Go off-the-record

Speak to previous line managers obviously, but use your network and speak to the people who worked alongside them too to get thorough references.

3. Don’t get hung up on qualifications

Generally our clients only request a certain level of educational achievement for junior roles – attitude and experience are much more important. I’ve had clients say no to developers with 10+ years’ experience because they didn’t have a degree.

4. Get specific

Rather than asking hypothetical “what would you do?” questions in interviews, demand real-life examples with clear results. An informal whiteboarding session is a good way to achieve this.

5. Be informed

Yours isn’t the only opportunity out there, especially in digital. Make sure your job role is appealing given the market conditions. Use the interview to sell your company, not just question the candidate.

6. Be slick

Some companies will do several rounds of interviews and then take ages to get sign-off on salaries. You’ll have a real competitive advantage if you have everything signed off beforehand.

7. Look for ‘T-shaped’ candidates

When companies are expanding rapidly, job roles aren’t always clearly defined. You need someone with a dynamic personality who doesn’t mind working without a process and helping out in whichever area is necessary.

8. Offer incentives

The salary can be incidental to the potential so offer shares (0.25-0.5% of the starting salary). This can not only make up for the fact money is tight for you – it ensures candidates  believe in the product and have a passion for the job. I’ve seen a rise in companies offering pay reviews every two quarters as well – a sure fire way to show an employee they’re valued, and to ensure they’re aware of what they have to do to achieve that payrise.

9: Attitude

They may have all the skills you require but if they don’t have the right mindset to fit in your company they are only going to inhibit your growth.

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