Building a digital team agile enough for the Ministry Of Justice


The Brief

The Ministry of Justice was looking to hire Senior Designers, User Researchers and Content Designers across its digital team.

The challenge in this instance was to find people that could design incredibly user friendly services – flawlessly reliable across several channels – that literally anyone in the country could understand, alongside specialist staff-facing applications. Our hires needed to be agile and work at speed, in response to rapidly changing MOJ requirements.


The Approach

Working in government comes with its own very specific demands. Before starting, we looked beyond the brief: we went deep to understand how user-centred design works in government. We looked for the detail of the different programmes of work, the people involved in each and –most importantly– the expected outcomes. We tried to fully understand what the successful candidates would actually be doing, not just so we could find the best people to do it, but to properly onboard them for the client.


The Result

Over a two year period, Zebra People hired more than 30 Interaction and Service Designers, 25 User Researchers and at least five Content Designers for the Ministry of Justice Digital and Technology. The client became a partner – in an ongoing relationship that sees us offering continued support and collaboration.

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