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Zebra People Partnering with Fintech Design Summit

Here at Zebra we pride ourselves at being experts in the digital sector. We love people and relationships, pairing the right candidates with clients and vice versa.

We’re excited to be partnering Tech Circus and UX Live to present the world’s first FinTech Design Summit. Working in London and based in the heart of Shoreditch – Hoxton Square – we feel the energy of start ups and financial companies that are challenging and changing consumer experiences for ever through experience led design.

At the Fintech Design Summit we’ll be hearing from FinTech’s challenger brands and the financial companies designing new experiences for users. The list of speakers is fantastic: Francesco Simoneschi – CEO and co-founder of TrueLayer, Aste Einn – Co-founder and CDO of Payr and Philip Bonard – Consumer Experience Lead at Lloyds, to name a few. We are looking forward to hearing their insights into the sector and real life stories of working in it.

The Fintech Design Summit is on Friday 20th April. Zebra People will be there ready to help with any recruitment questions you have. We are lucky enough to be working with an exciting array of talent and FinTech companies, so come and say hello if you are looking for new talent or a job in this space.

See you there!

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