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Why you should treat your recruiter like an interviewer.

It’s October. Things are going okay, but could be better. 2019 is fast approaching.

New year, new you?

That thought will probably run through your mind at some point soon. Maybe you’ll act on it, maybe you won’t.

If you do, first thing you might do is post your CV online. At this point you should probably hire a PA to manage all the calls you’ll be getting. After that though, have a think about treating those recruiter calls as interviews.

Unless you have a long-term relationship with a recruiter filled with free coffees and lunches, you’ll probably have your first experience with one of us. Hopefully most of you will take steps to find the right one. Either way, it’s important you treat this the same way as an interview. Why?

1) It’s not just about your experience

If you interviewed someone with all the experience in the world but couldn’t communicate well and didn’t have some level of confidence, would you hire them over someone with less experience but a clear sense of direction and understanding of themselves? Probably not. So don’t forget it’s not just your experience that matters. The person you are also matters.

2) We’re a convenient practice run

Think about it. A recruiter called you to talk about your experience. Challenges you’ve faced. Where you see yourself in 3 years. You weaknesses and strengths. These questions and more are things a hiring manager will probably ask you. Use this opportunity to practice your answers, your enthusiasm, professionalism and everything else. Even if you know you’re bad at interviews, be upfront about it. A good recruiter will spend time helping you improve your technique. It’s in our best interest at the end of the day.

3) We’re not your therapist

Look I get it; your line manager sucks, the commute is horrendous (Northern line anyone?!) and getting a £1k pay rise is akin to Theresa May trying and failing at this Brexit malarkey. Nevertheless, unless you’ve been working with that recruiter for a while, keep it to the essentials first. Relationships are indeed crucial as we all know, both for recruiters and candidates. But it all starts from somewhere and airing out your dirty laundry from the offset won’t give us the best impression. Might seem harsh but ask yourself, would you like it if we started off the same way? Would a hiring manager?


There are of course many more reasons and admittedly it can depend on the recruiter you use. Let’s face it, there’s some good, some bad, as with all things. But once you find a few who know what they’re doing, be sure to remind yourself of the above. Doing so might just prepare you for when it really matters.

If you found the above helpful, but could do with more tips and tricks, give Zebra People a call on 07734937185 or email

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