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UX Live 2018 – Come and see Zebra People!

This year Zebra are proud to be sponsors of UX Live 2018!

We’re all super excited to be supporting this fantastic opportunity for designers and researchers to come together and gain further insight into the growing world of digital design. UX Live is an annual conference aimed at training and development within UX Design and User Research. It’s the perfect chance for you to go along and network with influential leaders, sharing ideas and collaborating on all things UX. With live panel discussions, workshops, talks from industry experts and engaging content this is not one to be missed!
Our UX consultants here at Zebra will be fully in support of this two day event, we think this is the perfect opportunity to go out to the market and gather opinion on everything from seniority levels to the key attributes of UX portfolios.
We’ll be coming armed with our Zebra People Salary Survey to give you guys insight into trends we’ve seen emerging over the past year or so over all industries, both perm and freelance. One thing in particular we’ve noticed is a growth in various job titles, from product designer to service designer there seems to be a lot of ambiguity at the moment, so not only have we gone to industry leaders to gain their views, we’ll also be asking you guys how you differentiate these and what your thoughts are.
We’re super excited to be joining this year, so if you’re looking for an insight into the current market and what opportunities are out there, want advice on your CV and portfolio, or just want to come say hi and introduce yourself, we’d love to see you!

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