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Top UX Events 2016

With the UX market becoming ever more saturated, I am often asked by candidates:

 “What can I do to set myself apart from the competition?”

Well, I always start with the portfolio.

Make sure that your projects and experience are a showcase. You need to effectively tell a story that has the user i.e. the HR manager or hiring manager as the target audience.

When this has been addressed, I believe the secret trick is to do the one thing that is often overlooked: attending industry meet-ups and events.

Whether you are just starting out in your career or you’re a seasoned vet, events are one of the best ways to network with likeminded people. There is the added bonus of learning from thought leaders to keep you up to date with current trends in the UX world.

To help you, I’ve pulled together a list of some of the London events we highly recommend to all our candidates. Copy it, paste it and keep it handy!

Ladies who UX credit instagram People4research

Ladies that UX


2nd Tuesday of the month however this does sometimes change


The venue of this event changes every month, past events have been in amazing buildings including Facebook.

There are also Ladies That UX events in other UK cities and across the world, check out the website for more details.


This event really empowers women in UX and has a great informal friendly feel which encourages everyone to tell their stories from recent graduates to Head of UX designers.




Usually held on the 3rd Wednesday or Thursday of the month.


The same as LTUX this does change, past events have been in digital agencies and in the offices of big brands including News UK.


UXPA is a great way to hear about up-to-date trends in the digital world andmingle with some really respected names in UX. Every time I have left the event I honestly feel like I have learned something new – something I find interesting but also that turbo-charges my role a UX recruiter.


UX Fail


Bi monthly events that usually fall in the second week of the month.


In a great pub called The Angel which is located in City Road in Old Street.


If you are looking for a few laughs and drinks as well as a good chat with fellow UX designers this could be a great event for you. It has a great informal feel to it and the beers and mingling usually continue well after the talks finish…

Service Design London


This tends to be the 2nd Wednesday of each month


These events tend to be in different London locations, the most recent meet up was in the beautiful Sapient Nitro offices.


This is an event with a difference, it gives you the chance to be very interactive with its battleship game which gets organisers and attenders in stitches of laughter.

What other events would you recommend?

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