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Sales Innovation Expo @ ExCel London

Sam Gale and Jamee James tell us about the event:

What and where was the event?

Sales Innovation Expo @ ExCel London

Who were the speakers?

Dan Disney – UK’s Leading Social Selling Trainer

Can you summarise his talk?

  • Building a personal brand on Social Media and growing your network
  • The difference between social marketing and social selling
    techniques for social selling

Why did you go?

The reason we chose to see Dan was because we recognise the value and importance of social media and wanted to expand our knowledge on how we can better utilise it on a daily basis.

What were the key insights from the night?

  • The differences between social marketing and social selling.
  • Social selling is not a replacement for traditional BD methods, instead it strengthens and compliments other routes to market
  • Video content is king!

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