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Digital Salaries Report 2014-2015

With Oxford Economics predicting that London’s digital sector is set to provide Britain’s economy with £12 billion over the next ten years, and the tech sector providing around 46,000 jobs in the coming years, salaries are on the rise

Through speaking to thousands of clients and candidates over the years, we’ve noticed that not only do different industries require different skill sets, they also command different salaries– our report aims to show you just how much this varies.

Our survey shows that finance is the highest paying sector, with permanent salaries coming out at an average 26% higher compared to the other sectors, and 19% for contract, across all levels. The findings have highlighted the fact that being a freelancer will provide you with a higher wage than a permanent member of staff in the same role. That said, it’s worth noting that whilst this may be true, there are downsides to working contract roles. Examples of this were mentioned in the survey, with respondents highlighting the lack of security compared to a permanent role and fewer opportunities to develop new skills.

One prominent concern across the industry is the trend for less experienced candidates to enter the contract market, tempted by the offer of notably higher salaries, given the overall rising digital spend. Whilst juniors and middleweights might be keen to move into the freelance market, this could lead to a potential drop in the quality of contractors over the coming years as candidates aren’t getting the same learning and development opportunities as they would by staying in a permanent role.

To find out how your salary will differ in another sector read the Digital Salary Survey Report.

For more information on salary benchmarking across the industry, contact us

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