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Design Events for 2017

 One question that I’m asked on an almost daily basis is ‘what design events should I be attending?’ so I thought rather than repeat myself I’d put together my own guide for what’s happening in the Design space this year.

Events are a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the industry & expand your awareness of what’s happening / what other people are working on. I also think that they are also are the best way to network and meet like-minded designers…

Here’s my selection that I’d recommend attending!

Glug – Year round

How could I write this list without starting with Glug? Boring conference-style event this is not ( all thanks to Nick Clement & Malin Persson of course!). It’s pretty much the greatest Design events series I’ve attended and also runs internationally.

Glug is not just an educational evening with talks from the best of the best across the business of creative and design, it provides heaps of networking opportunities with other Gluggers & also tends to feel like a bit of an industry night out! The events have a wide focus across the creative space so there is always something for everyone. One of my favourite past talks was hearing Social Chain’s Steven Bartlett share his journey from Uni drop-out to social agency success.

Their next event on the 9th Feb is looking to be a huge one with Monzo, Barclays & Deliveroo speaking, focusing in on Product Design, Digital Design, UX & UI.

** Currently sold out but join their meetup group for future events.

Design Club – Year-round

Set up following the success of Design & Banter, Design Club brings together a whole plethora of designers from a mix of start-ups, global tech brands & agencies alike with a focus on digital design.

The last event covered everything from Deliveroo’s identity story, to ‘how to make remote working ‘work’ – I promise you won’t walk away from this event without having your eyes opening to an awesome project or met someone new. I’d recommend signing up to their mailing list to hear about tickets first as they tend sell out in minutes.

Material Design- Monthly

Material Design is an event for UI, UX and Visual Designer lovers & hosts speakers discussing their thoughts on current issues in Design. Great night to network and learn.

This month’s event on the 24th of Jan see’s Christine Buske discuss ‘Lessons learned in research, applied in user testing & UX’ and Rhys Merritt speak on ‘Things you’re not told’. Tickets are still available for this one so head over to their Meetup group to sign up and I will see you there!

JAM London – Year round events plus annual 1-day conference.

Not just a design event, they seek to ‘share the stories behind great products’ giving you a rare opportunity to get inside some of the best-known tech brands & provide insight into their product journey, including understanding their processes and challenges. They hold monthly ‘show and tell’ events and have provided an insight into a Lyst, TransferWise, Go Cardless to name but a few!

Their next show and tell is on the 19th of Jan at Pivotal Labs and if you rush you might just be able to grab a ticket here !

A brand new one to watch in 2017….

FinTech Design Family

FinTech Design Family is a new event kicking off in Feb set up by Tony Redfern with the aim of building a community with an interest in the rapidly expanding FinTech Space. With speakers at the first event from Monzo & Bud, a powerful financial services aggregator app it’s sure to be a success!

Sadly the maiden event is sold out but sign up to be added to the waiting list

For the UX Lover’s out there

Ladies that UX – Monthly

Ladies that UX is a friendly community event run internationally on a monthly basis, events vary from being hosted at a particular agency or brand (This has in the past included Twitter, Moo & Go Cardless) to having a particular theme for the evening such as career development with a plethora of job, CV and Portfolio advice on offer from female UX leaders & awesome UX recruiters including Zebra’s very own Julie Sims.

The set up can vary from ‘user-led talks, inspirational panel discussions, lightning talks and the good old fashioned pub meetup’. The event is open to all ladies with a passion for UX whether you are a long established UXer or taking your first steps in seeking a UX career.

Obviously, this is only a few key favourites & I am always sharing upcoming events in my group ‘Upcoming London Design Events’ ( I know, catchy name right?) so feel free to send a request to join here.

I’d love to hear which events you’ll be attending this year or if there are some you can recommend to me! Get in touch with me at

Due to me being based in London, all events I have recommended are in the London area but I know there are heaps more on across the country – helpful sites to find these events are , &

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