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Conversion Rate Optimisation for Ecommerce

So… What is CRO?..

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the method of using analytics and user feedback in order to improve the performance of your website. CRO is then used to improve the metrics of your website, converting the amount of passive browsers into valuable customers.

Conversion Rate Optimisation


Fundamentally CRO means figuring out what users are looking for from your site and then handing it to them on a silver platter; stripping down the fluff and making a simple navigational user experience.



This is not Voodoo, yet simply making it easy for your user to identify their goal and the journey they need to take to get there. Zebra People have recognised that there is a need for a practical learning workshop in order to demonstrate to existing practioners that there is a tangible link between good design and business outcome. Therefore, we have launched Zebra Lab’s ‘Conversion Rate Optimisation for Ecommerce’ workshop in order to teach attendees a process which they can implement from day one to directly improve their bottom line through better design. Check out more info at Zebra Labs

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