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Author: Zebra People

More exciting news! We have partnered with the awesome team at @zebrapeople to ensure industry engagement for our audience. Make sure to check out their website to find some interesting opportunities

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That’s a wrap! #InclusiveResearch was brought to you by our sponsor/supporters, @ZebraPeople and @uxpaUK and curated by:

— @Sunnysides (@BabylonHealth),
— @SwethaS (@JustEatUK).

Sketchnotes: @MaccyMacx (@sketchnoteLDN)
Tweets: @Rik_Williams (@AlzheimersSoc).

Very interesting meetup on #InclusiveResearch
Looking forward to the next one to learn from someone else experiences.
Thank you @researchthing to moderate and @zebrapeople and @UXPAUK to organize.
#accessibility #uxresearch

That’s a wrap! #B2Bresearch was brought to you by:

— our sponsor, @ZebraPeople / @BenClarfelt,
— our supporter, @uxpaUK,

…and curated by:
— @Sunnysides (@BabylonHealth),
— @SwethaS (@JustEatUK).

Sketchnotes: @MaccyMacx (@sketchnoteLDN)
Tweets: @Rik_Williams (@AlzheimersSoc)

Sign up to our Global online event on 12th August about #B2Bresearch
Special thanks to @zebrapeople for being our meetup sponsor and @UXPAUK for supporting us n making this an online event. #UXresearch

cc/ @benclarfelt @Rik_Williams