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Agile-Friendly User Testing

Nina Belk: Agile Friendly User Testing


“It takes too long. We don’t have the budget. We don’t really need it, we can just optimise once we’ve gone live.”  Sound familiar?

As UX embraces agile as a project delivery approach, research seems get left out in the cold. Rather than shivering and complaining about it though maybe we just need to stick two fingers up to these assumptions and dare to do things a little differently!

This workshop run by Nina explored how to go about bringing research in from the cold on agile projects. Check out the above presentation to get your hands on useful tips on how to get the research basics right (effective participant recruitment and facilitation techniques) Her presentation is just a snip-it of the workshop she ran at UX People but will leave you armed with some practical skills and a research approach that will blow those assumptions about speed, cost and the lack of value out of the water.


Bio: Nina Belk; User Research Manager @ LBi

Nina is currently enjoying life as the User Research Manager at LBi, a place she sees as a real playground to try new research approaches and to work collaboratively with a huge multi-disciplinary team.

Like most seasoned UX types, she’s been around the block a bit. She started out (rather boldly) running a small service design consultancy in Newcastle, where the research was mostly strategically focused, before moving to the big smoke to work for Flow Interactive – cutting her teeth at the tactical end of the research game as a UX researcher. Between Flow and LBi she spent a few years as Head of Research at we are:experience, and also did a short stint at American Express getting to grips with the world of client side UX.

Always looking to challenge accepted approaches, Nina loves nothing more than trying out new ways of doing things. She’s delivered research reports through the medium of memes, and even got Nokia’s design teams to dress up like grannies for a co-design workshop with their customers!


Nina’s LinkedIn


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