Senior Product Designers

Start-up building software that allows hospitality to brands to truly understand what their customers think.

As the first product designer joining this growing start-up you will own the end to end product design process across their product offering and help to grow the design team around you.

The client

Let’s be honest, 90% of the time when we go for a meal we don’t really share our feelings with the establishment on how they have performed.

Things either go horribly wrong to the point we complain and hope to be compensated for the disaster.

Or we feel that they have done enough to earn their gratuity, pay and carry on with our day.

Occasionally, we might leave a review on TripAdvisor or another similar platform but very rarely do business owners in hospitality actually get the chance to hear from their customers. But, how can they improve their service and become everything you expect from an experience without ever hearing from you?

Well, this technology start-up is aiming to change the status quo by giving hospitality business owners the tools they need to gather customer feedback after every transaction in a seamless and intuitive way while remaining convenient for their customer’s.

Sound like a product you can get behind? Keep reading…


Founded in 2016 this start-up had one aim, put customers at the heart of hospitality, aiming to help restaurant owners understand what you are REALLY thinking and improve their service with actionable data.

They now have a global presence with offices in both the UK and US and a long list of household names on their roster. Following a recent partnership and the latest round of funding (Series A, raising $10Million) they are going through a heavy growth period, including building a brand new product design team.

The role

What you’ll be doing:

With an established team now in place, they are looking for a Senior/Lead Product Designer to join and work across the existing web-based platform, implement a new design system, hire a team around them and help to further develop the wider product offering including mobile app products.

As an end to end role, you will own the entire design process from conducting research, establishing user journeys and carrying your ideas through to visual design and delivery.

You’ll be working closely with the Product Manager and development team to deliver both consumer and business facing applications.

As the leading voice for design, you will contribute to the wider design vision, processes and branding for the business.

By nature, these products have some complex elements including data visualisation, so a having a knack for simplifying complex products is going to be key.

The candidate

Why you’ll love it: 

Ownership of your work – You’ll have the sole responsibility of developing a brand new design system, evolve the brand and own multiple products.

Impact on the business – As the leading voice for design, you will have a direct impact on the design direction and future vision for everything from brand to product.

Flexibility – Work from home? No problem!

Support – Need new tech, software, training or support outside the office? The team has got you covered.

Innovation – The first and only company currently building this kind of product with some great tech integrated with it.

Fast moving – If you are looking for an environment where you just want to get your product in your customers hands, learn from them and constantly improve it then this is a place for you.