Senior Product Designer

FinTech Platform

Picture the scene…
You’re in the shop queue and fiddling getting your cards out.
Holding up the queue. Dropped your cards. Oh no, dropped your shopping.
Frantically apologise. Pick up the cards. Drop things again.
You know the feeling – you need to get your loyalty card out and then tap your card on the reader and you’re good to go.
What if loyalty card and payment card could all be on digital device? Now they can!

The client

This company pitch themselves as a payment, loyalty and marketing platform with two core products:

  • Retailer app
  • Dashboard

Retailer App takes the traditional loyalty card and makes it digital, with payment included.

Payment dashboard takes customers data and promotes certain products tailored towards the trends and behaviours by the user.



The role

What you’ll be doing

In an established team of five, you’ll be working closely with the Head of Design and UX across the consumer app, from discovery, through to prototyping, testing and visual delivery. Taking ownership of the branding and product, you’ll be growing into a lead position and guiding other members of the team.

Alongside the consumer app, you will also have chance to design across the payment dashboard, taking complex data and simplifying it into easy to read data.

The candidate

Why you’ll love it

Cross-functional working – Opportunity to design across products.

Leadership – Chance to grow into the leader of the design team, mentoring and guiding juniors.

Culture – Amazing team and company ethos. Chance to be a real part of something and part of a team who truly believe in what they’re doing.