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Senior/Lead UX Consultant

Travel firm

3 month contract to begin with.

Working on an internal tablet app for this travel firm, you will spend a lot of time doing contextual research which may also involve some day trips outside of London on occasion. You'll create a User Case utilising your research to produce robust prototypes for the developers to then bring to life.

The app will contain live data about the various travel logistics this company caters for. It will enable multiple, internal user groups to understand what’s going on and communicate whatever they need to, either to the public or other internal staff, depending on their position within the firm.

Looking for someone detail orientated who can build robust prototypes, proficient with user research and testing as well as being mature/confident enough to project manage certain elements of the project as well as certain staff.

Although you will be part of a UX team, you will still need to work quite separately (Waterfall environment), including spending a lot of time speaking with staff outside of the office HQ. So you’ll need to be very autonomous and able to communicate effectively with various stakeholders/staff – some of whom will have no idea what UX is, so you’ll also need to have the soft skills for this also.

Ultimately, you will need to bring the User Case together and after the interviews, create some water-tight, fool-proof prototypes which will then get forwarded onto the developers located offshore.

No UI design involved. They’ll get a UI designer to make it all fit and look pretty afterwards.


If this sounds of interest and suits your experience, then please send your CV and portfolio to me ASAP to stand the best chance of getting an interview!