Mid UI Designer

Global Insurance Brand

The insurance sector has been in need of innovation for some time. and with disruptors in the space like 'Bought by Many', 'Brolly' or many other start-ups starting to take market share, the larger players have to innovate.

This is an opportunity to join a team doing just that, finding new ways to innovate in the insurance sector combined with the backing of a global organisation.

The client

Already one of the market leaders in their space, this group of brand are looking to further disrupt the sector with innovative digital products that are being designed and built in-house by their ‘innovation team’. But, its not all about digital products and services. Combining these with a better overall customer experience by introducing reward schemes and ways to further reduce your premium they are looking to become the No.1 insurer in their space.

They have recently shifted as far away from the corporate business as they can, restructing the teams to include cross-functional product squads and implementing an Agile/waterfall hybrid as well as having the RACI Model (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed) to help with the overall organisational change.

They have a great culture with an emphasis on work/life balance – some WFH opportunities and ZERO late nights in the office.

Many new products are being designed specifically for younger drivers, a market notoriously known for being difficult to insure (or at least to insure for a reasonable price).

The role

Working side by side with UX Designer to own UI Design of insure the box and drive like a girl, white label products. Look and fell, way it works and interacts etc

What you’ll be doing

As one of their UI Designers, you’ll be working within one of two teams (Automotive or Telematics), alongside a Product Manager, UX’ers and a Development team.

There are many projects that you will get your hands on. Some large, some small, but with the variety in their product portfolio you will always be working on a range of web and mobile products for different audiences. Some of the focal projects to work on initially include a complete strategic redesign of their main site, a redesign of the backend system for one of their core products to help manage some of the new features that are going to be rolled out and to reimagine the quote and purchase journeys.

Beyond these projects, other projects include designing entirely new apps/products (some of which haven’t been thought up yet) or features. Eg. create an app that enables real-time reporting and communications.

Having knowledge of UX processes such as journey mapping will be a benefit but not totally required.

The candidate

Why you’ll love it

Design – The output and visual comes down to you, you can develop the look and feel of various projects.

Work/Life Balance – Exceptional, opportunity to work from home.

Team – Established team setup and they understand the importance of UX and Design.

Culture – Influences from around the world so chance to learn about this whilst doing your day job.