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Salary Survey 2022


Golang Engineer

Data Company

Is Go a language you want to work with going forward? Not worked with it before? Then this company are happy to help you learn.

The client

They’re a software company that helps businesses put data at the heart of their decision making. Their product makes it easier – and cheaper – for businesses to access their data, visualising it in a way where everyone can understand what’s going on. Founded in 2010, they’ve now over 5000 customers.

The company numbers 35 people and have grown sustainably. Engineering numbers 16 heads which have a fluid composition. Working in small cross-functional teams with a mix of frontend and backend engineers, product managers and designers; all are encouraged to rotate between teams based on interests, skills and learning opportunities. Learning is a huge part of their engineering culture. Every two weeks, teams take a lab day. Here you’re free to work on projects that interest you, learn new skills or contribute to open source.

The role

What does their tech look like?

Their backend is implemented as a collection of services, of which the large majority are written in Go (aside from a small amount that use Node or Ruby). Their Go services expose a gRPC interface whilst they use Envoy to route requests around the network. If a service needs a datastore, it’s usually PostgreSQL. However, Redis, Memcached and S3 are within their stack.

Their frontend is primarily a React application. They run GraphQL written in Node that allows the frontend to communicate with their Go services. This is primarily a backend role, though as a company they do encourage you to involved in frontend work from time to time.

They are a small team but they do ship to production around 50 times a week.

Why should you apply?

  • You like, or want, to work primarily in Go.
  • You enjoy working in a collaborative, open and diverse environment.
  • You have backend experience. Direct Go experience is not necessary – they will provide training and development.

The candidate

They are a sustainable company who are building a long-term business. They do have ambitious plans to grow the company but won’t take on unsustainable amounts of funding. They’ve built a very supportive environment with work/life balance at the forefront of this. They never work overtime or even countenance work on a weekend. They’re happy for you to work part time and everyone works flexible hours to fit around family or personal commitments. Location wise, they’re happy for you to be based in Europe (CET or GMT time zones) or the UK. If you’re near, or ever in London, then they’re happy for you to work out of their Shoreditch office.

When it comes to ‘harder’ benefits, they have a minimum of 25 days holiday (plus your bank holidays) and enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

Offering up to £70K for the position and they’re keen to get talking to people as soon as possible.

We welcome those with alternative identities, backgrounds, and experiences. Our team includes parents, the self-taught, the university-educated, and people of a wide variety of nationalities, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Obviously, we’re looking to ensure it’s a solid fit from both sides: we want you to step into a role you love, and we want to offer you a place you’re proud to come to every day for work.

We know that diverse teams are strong teams, and welcome those with alternative identities, backgrounds, and experiences to apply to be part of life at Zebra People. We are committed to a fair and accessible recruitment process for all candidates. We would be happy to meet any accommodation requests during the application or interview process, please just let us know.