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User Researcher

Various in-house and agency clients

We have a variety of User Research contract requirements which are both live and in the pipeline. We frequently get User Research contracts with government departments but in this case I'm looking on behalf of brands and agencies. Senior rather than lead level.

Unless you still use the term ‘new media’ you’ll be familiar with how much the UX industry has boomed over the last few years, with so many now seeming to claim they do ‘the UX’ in some form or wanting it as part of their digital design process.

Refreshingly, more and more clients seem to be realising that much of the ROI to be had from ‘the UX’ lies within User Research and Testing rather than just the wireframes and prototypes.

We consistently seem to get Senior and Lead level User Research roles with government departments which is great. However, many tend to want candidates with previous government or public sector experience (if this is you and you’re interested in government gigs then please do send through your CV still!). At the same time, we also get User Research roles from a variety of other clients like retailers, start-ups, charities and agencies. Recently, I’ve noticed more and more demand for Research specific candidates as well as a good old fashioned UX Designers who can still do elements of research. However, there seem to be less of you out there compared to your Designer comrades.

So if you consider yourself to be a User Research specialist and had that title in your last few contracts/positions, then get in touch! We have contracts ranging from 1-6 months and generally paying somewhere between £400-450 per day. Less and more in some cases, but that seems to be the norm.

Generally being able to execute a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including top task analysis, card sorting, first impression testing, ethnography, remote and in-person usability testing, competitor analysis etc.


If this sounds of interest and suits your experience, then please send your CV and portfolio (if you have one) to me ASAP to stand the best chance of getting contacted first with something suitable!

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