Our Consultants

Mitch Hooper

Managing Consultant – Technology

Our Tech wizard Mitch primarily specialises is Front End Developers though with a history of .net and testers his expertise can broaden to suit your needs.

Joining us from Bristol, he has an extensive knowledge of the Tech industry which he will now work his magic in London, tracking down the best tech talent for our coveted roles.

Mitch prides himself on his conscientious approach, ensuring that he places his candidates in harmonious roles that will meet their future requirements to ensure lasting placements that benefit both client and candidate. He is always striving to develop his tech knowledge and thrives on information to ensure he is always top of his game. This thirst for knowledge is applied outside of the office also, travelling to at least two new countries each year to experience new cultures. Though when in the UK you’d simply find him cheering on Bristol City or playing a game of footy with the lads.