Our Consultants

Kate Gabb

Consultant – Design & Motion

Zebra’s Senior Design and Creative  Consultant, Kate Gabb, is a seasoned pro at sourcing the best industry talent from UI Designers to Product Designers and Motion Graphics.

Studying Design at university she has an eagle eye for critiquing creative portfolios. This combined with over four years in the creative recruitment industry working with an array of clients, she has developed a thorough understanding of what both clients and candidates are looking for. Notably she has worked for YunoJuno where she worked across Talent and Account Management with WPP and IPG networks, creating recruitment strategies for each agency.

Always up for a new challenge, whether that’s assisting you with your next recruitment endeavour, or running the London marathon. Otherwise partial to a well earned drink, or two, you’ll find her unwinding with a glass of wine or dancing away in her wellies at a music festival.