Once you’ve secured a role we’ll send you a contract and set you up on our electronic timesheet system – inTime.

  • Your username and password will be sent to you in an automated email
  • Timesheets for the week worked need to submitted every Friday by 6pm
  • The system sends an automated notification to your line manager to authorise your timesheet

Submit your timesheet

Any problems?

My timesheet has been rejected

There are two most likely reasons for timesheet rejection. One is that the client does not agree to the number of days worked, in which case we would be in contact with you to verify the number of days claimed. Another most likely explanation (and more frequent too) is a timesheet timed out which means that a manager assigned to authorise the timesheet has not done it on time. Either way Zebra will be automatically notified of any rejection and will act accordingly.

What do I enter for ‘unit’?

Under “unit” you will need to enter the number of days worked per week i.e. “1 unit” will account for “one full day” and “0.5 unit” will account for a “half day”.

I have entered the wrong information onto InTime system

It is best advised to contact the Admin team on (accounts@zebrapeople.com) with regards to misinformation on electronic timesheets, they can help revert the timesheet back for you to edit your timesheet correctly and resubmit.

My authorising manager is no longer in charge of my timesheets, I don’t know how my timesheets will be authorised in time?

Contact the Admin team on (accounts@zebrapeople.com) at Zebra People directly with information to who will be the new manager with duty to authorise timesheets and then that can be changed for you through them.

My contract has been extended from the original end date, how can I carry on submitting timesheets?

Every extension will be added on to the system so you can carry on submitting your timesheets. If you however experience a problem please contact the admin team on accounts@zebrapeople.com.

How does the invoicing system work?

You will receive a monthly self-billing invoice either on the last working Friday of the month, or the end of the contract, whichever comes first.

How do I get started on the InTime system?

Once all information has been sent to the Zebra team (i.e. passport, registration form, Ltd or Umbrella company details etc) you will be set up on the InTime system. You will receive an automatic email containing your username and password to access your personal InTime account.

I have logged into the timesheet system but I can’t see my current placement in the system

This is most likely a glitch in placement dates, in which case you should get in contact with us on (accounts@zebrapeople.com) with the Start and End dates.

Holidays/time off

In the case of holiday or time off, you do not need to worry about submitting a timesheet. Please let us know about your absences so we are up to date on our system.

What if I do not have a Ltd company?

If this is the case, then you will need to sign up with an Umbrella Co. of your choice. For further information, contact the team on 0207 729 4771 or accounts@zebrapeople.com).