She Says

Zebra People first got involved with She Says, by sponsoring their prestigious Golden Stilettos award, an award which helps celebrate women who have been influential in the industry. We absolutely love She Says, and are proud to say we have worked closely with them to help promote and sponsor their events.

She Says is the only global creative network for women. SheSays is an award winning organization running free mentorship and networking events to over 3000 women in the creative business.

05 June 2013

Athena, Goddess of Strategic Thinking: 13 July 2013

Zebra People are joining up with SheSays team again to provide another unique and exciting event! SheSays is an award-winning organisation which runs free mentorship and networking events to women in the creative business.

Our latest event with the SheSays team aims to highlight and promote the valuable contribution woman make across the advertising and digital industry specifically within the area of innovation. This event welcomes top female strategists, planners, analysts and social media specialists to provide an opportunity to share experience, impressions and ideas.

It will bring together those who play a crucial role in the development and implementation of winning creative strategies. It takes place at Sense Worldwide in Wardour Street on Thursday June 13th at 7.00pm.

We’ve chosen Athena as our poster girl because she is the major female Olympian characterised by her wisdom. Befitting her role as a Goddess she presided over battle strategy within just wars. She’s particularly known for her skills in strategic planning and purposeful thinking. Above all Athena values creative thought and stands for the domination of will and intellect over instincts and nature. We believe all great female thinkers and planners are influenced by the archetype of Athena!

26 April 2012

Unsung Heroes

Zebra People joined up with SheSays to provide a truly unique and exciting event! Unsung Heroes aimed to focus on and promote the valuable contribution women make across the digital industry.

Unsung Heroes brought together top female client services and project managers and provided an excellent opportunity in which to share tips and thoughts to help one another to work their way up. The event was specifically for those who play a crucial role in the creative process whom, however, often remain largely unseen.

Learn all about the guiding principles for great client services and effective project management:
Download guiding principles presentation
Download effective project management presentation