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Here's the text of the short talk I gave at @UserResearchLDN. It talks about value, too.

I hope it's a little less fatalistic than the link at the top of this thread. If not, I'll work on that for the next time I give it.


Hi @UserResearchLDN! For those asking, here's a link to the slides I presented
https://t.co/fX6VRRpTD5 #userresearchldn

Our highlights and favourite quotes of day one at User Research London 2018! More to follow – keep an eye out for the blog about our workshop on #UserRecruitment and our slides. #UserResearchLDN #userresearch @UserResearchLDN

Some of our favourite highlights and quotes from day one at #UserResearchLDN 2018! We'll soon share more about our workshop on #UserRecruitment, as well as our slides. @UserResearchLDN #userresearch

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