Research & Development Engineer

Research & Development Engineer for Start-up company specialising in health apps in Hereford – £40,000 - £55,000

Skills & Requirements

You’ll have an MS or PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a similar field. You will have worked side-by-side with quality, regulatory and clinical teams to help design research studies and provide leadership to ensure proper implementation. Previously you’ll have launched products and worked within technical and regulatory requirements, as well as having hands-on experience with late stage development, technology transfer and the commercialisation of medical device and/or biotech products.

Who are they?

This company’s mission is to help people live healthier lives by measuring the impact of dietary choices on the body. They believe that everybody is unique, and that understanding this uniqueness is vital to understanding one’s health. They have created a biometric mobile app that enable the painless detection of chemical metabolic data. The first application of this technology is continuous glucose sensing. Currently, only the most severe diabetics have access to this kind of monitoring, which is complicated and costly. Their technology seeks to change that. By creating medical-grade solutions that are painless and affordable, they will give everyone a chance to understand their unique biometric information. And, in doing so, enjoy a more personalized approach to health and wellness. They’re are driven to help people live healthier lives—whether it’s losing a few pounds, preventing a chronic condition, or simply making smarter, more informed choices about diet and exercise.

What they offer

This is a company that really cares for you and as such, they are offering some outstanding benefits. These include stock options at a later date (at a discounted price with reduced tax liability), salary reviews every 6 months (who doesn’t want to be rewarded for their work?), 24 days holiday (plus bank holidays) as well as the opportunity to take a month unpaid to do as you wish – learn a new language, travel or work on a personal project are a few examples of what their current staff have done.

They are also open to you working from home if you need to, encouraging their staff to do so every other Friday. As they are a health company they offer private health insurance and paid sick leave, as well as a 3% contribution to your pension. Catered lunch is also provided once a week, as is fresh fruit, biscuits, top quality coffee and tea.

Perhaps the best of the benefits on offer is the opportunity to choose your own equipment – if something is essential for you to work at full capacity it will be provided. They’ll also contribute towards any books, training courses or conferences that you feel will help you grow.

There are a fair few other things but I’m running out of space so can run through those with you at a later date!