Product Designer for Global Tech Mega-Brand

Product Designer for Global Tech Mega-Brand in London – £60,000 - £100,000

The Client

It’s hard to put in writing the scope of what my client does in one day. They have over 1.86 billion monthly active users, and is one of the most frequented apps and websites in the world. With this much traffic and interaction, they work with the best of the best to provide the best service to everyone from their occasional users to global brands that do business within their platform.

With an average of 17% increased traffic each year, my client is constantly pushing the boundaries on what a Product and Technology Company can be and do. With added emphasis this year on media sharing, 3D VR, and live streaming, the future of the Company is sure to be exciting and challenging for all that wish to come on board.

The Role as Product Designer

Multiple Product Designers are needed to work on 4 exciting projects, as the platform grows and the way users interact online evolves. Each of these projects require Senior to Lead level designers, who are proactive and willing to push the limits on what is possible!

  • Role 1- Care Team: Users are increasingly wanting to know how and when their information and data is shared, and as a result there is a rising need for transparent and proactive data sharing. Two Product Designers for the Care team are needed to analyse complex data and user problems to tackle security and privacy issues.
  • Role 2- Friend Team: As the way we share online content changes, there is a need for two Product Designers to join to conceptualise and re-invent the way users interact with not only their close circle, but their extended network. These products will involve fresh and creative ways users connect, regardless of device, skill or location within the Friend team.
  • Role 3- Solutions Team: Providing a seamless end-to-end experience for advertisers, one Product Designer within the Solutions team is needed to think outside the box when faced with user problems in emerging markets. Issues such as connectivity and the use of dated devices can be problematic for businesses wishing to advertise, and requires a partnership with other departments to provide a solution.
  • Role 4- Publishing Team: As advertising is increasingly becoming more digital, two Product Designers within the Publishing team are needed to focus on both the users’ needs, and the optimal outcomes of businesses to provide meaningful experiences. This is an ongoing creative and strategic challenge to revolutionise the way users interact with brands.

The Candidate

My client is looking for talented and ambitious Product Designers for a range of projects within the design team, such as:

  • Role 1- Care Team: Strategic and data-driven designers with experience in tackling ambiguous and complex consumer problems are needed for the Care team. You will be preventing and combatting negative experiences, such as spam, and issues with security, bullying and privacy.
  • Role 2- Friend Team: You will be conceptualising ideas to provide users with interactive and fun ways to share with all their friends and connections, eg. incorporating new media such as video and VR.
  • Role 3- Solutions Team: Problem-solving designers are needed to cross-collaborate with other departments such as Project Management and Engineering to provide the best advertising power to businesses.
  • Role 4- Publishing Team: Empowering advertisers to achieve their business goals by providing unparalleled insight into their customer’s needs. The Publishing Team provide catered solutions to drive online sales and build brands.

If this sounds like you, send us your CV and folio to apply!