Core Blockchain Developer – Information Security Protocol

Core Blockchain Developer for Information Security Protocol in Global – £Negotiable

Blockchain Developer, Core Developer, Cryptography, Cryptographic Keys, Consensus, Zero Knowledge Proofs, Consensus Algorithms, Open Source, Independent Protocol


Core Blockchain Developer – Information Security Protocol

If you’re reading this then you’re probably not right for the role. I don’t know why I’m advertising this position, you probably don’t exist on the free market. But hey it’s worth a punt, right?


I am representing one of the world’s leading KYC / Personal Identity Management organisations in their search for a core blockchain developer / contributor, as they are looking to build their own protocol focused around Identity Access Management and KYC / Personal Information Security.


This is not a DApp. I repeat, this is NOT a DApp. This is a whole brand spanking new protocol. And they need you to help them with this. Well, someone who has done this before to help them…


In terms of their core technology, that is entirely up to you. This is a fresh and clean slate that is just an idea in it’s infancy.


Why should you talk to them? This is not for an ICO, or to facilitate anything like that. This is a project that is being privately funded through its initial stages, to ensure that their own standards for security are upheld, but then it will be open sourced and given to the community. Their vision is to have the world’s leading security provision protocol. It’s not about tokenisation, it’s about giving the world the power to manage their own identity security in a trusted manner.


So, a little about you…


You should have some experience (ideally a lot, but let’s take baby steps) in building blockchain protocols (not just DApps, DApps are fine – just need protocol experience too) and also be amazing with cryptography and understand ZKPs (Zero Knowledge Proofs) as well as having a track record of implementing novel consensus algorithms.


This is not a role for the faint hearted, but I believe you are out there somewhere. Anywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter.


If this sounds exciting, and you think you could be one of team being built to take this on, then please get in touch with me right away.


Travel and visas etc will be paid for the right person.