Content Strategist Required for Cambridge Institute

Content Strategist for Education in Cambridge - 2 Days Remote – £450 - £500

Content Strategist required for 3 month contract with esteemed educational institution.

Complex project reviewing all of my clients content and how it’s produced, currently over 1600 sites sitting under one domain name all with mix messaging, no sense of tone of voice or best practise and no matching of how content relates to each other.

Required to work closely with senior stakeholders, user researchers and interaction designers to help provide a content strategy to provide direction and one coherent message for all of the sites and each department be it for external or internal use.

Currently living of old legacy with existing templates only working for website only and not being widely adopted through the whole organisation. Over time IA and content strategy has got worse and worse.

As Content Strategist you will be required to look at the Information Architecture, content strategy and do a complete content audit providing clear steps of where they need to go and what needs to be done, building a strategic framework to set them up with a clear content vision for the future.

Working closely with a User Researcher throughout.

Experience working with complex eco systems and the ability to make sense of vast content, pulling together a strategy showing where they are now and providing tangible information of what the future can look like is important.

Content Strategist piece is key to providing a business case for long term investment on complete digital transformation project.

You will provide strategic overview of how this can be done, want to create design library, pattern library down the line.

Based in Cambridge, ability to work 1 or 2 days remotely.