5 User Research Contracts for Government Department

User Research for Government in London – £400 to £500

5 freelance User Researchers required for government department undergoing a huge digital transformation. Your role is key for generating feedback and insights for the design and wider teams to build a clear picture of their users and deliver solutions that they need

You will conduct research in huge projects that affect all stages of our lives. Research is varied covering qualitative and quantitative methods, however leaning more to the qualitative side from contextual enquiries, ethnographic studies to usability testing sessions.

You will work on the research throughout the entire product lifecycle, constantly testing, iterating and testing again. Really important you have a good understanding of the user and have a flexible approach to the research you conduct, constantly being able to use a number of different research methodologies depending on the problem. You will work collaboratively with wider teams getting them engaged and involved in all parts of the research too.

You will need to be confident in dealing with stakeholders and explaining the benefits of user needs throughout.

Experience in ethnographic studies and actually going into the environment of the user to really see how they work is useful.
Have usability testing labs onsite.

Due to security clearance kick off can often take 3 to 4 weeks so happy to consider people already in contracts or permanent researchers who are looking to go freelance on a month notice.

Contracts will be either be based in London, Sheffield or Liverpool.  Option to work 1 day from home.